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Build detailed, accurate scale models more easily by using our high-resolution photo sets and scale drawings as a primary source of information.

E-mail delivery means you receive your images usually within hours* of your order reaching us, regardless of your geographical location.

Martin Wilkinson is a designer, builder and operator of scale model aircraft with many years experience. As part of the research involved when planning new models, he has photographed a wide variety of historic aeroplanes in great detail and created a number of 3-view scale drawings. These pictures and drawings provide the foundation to our collection which continues to expand with regular new additions. Selected contributions from other scale modellers are also available.

* We aspire to deliver all e-mailed orders within 24 hours of receipt, but do not guarantee it. CDs and prints take a little longer.

Order our CD volumes and save at least 50% compared with the price of individual photo sets.

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