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Aircraft Recognition Competition

Each month, we run a recognition competition. There are prizes of two photo sets or scale drawings from our catalogue for each of three entries chosen at random from all the correct entries received by the closing date.

This month's theme is Airliners.
Closing date: 31 July 2004.

All you have to do is identify the three types of aircraft shown above. Note that the pictures have been edited to remove registration marks, serial numbers etc. which would make the task easier.

Entry Form

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Answer 2:
Answer 3:
Prize Choice 1:
Prize Choice 2:
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Only one entry per household. Please don't submit duplicate entries using the email addresses of your wife, girlfriend, child, best mate, dog or goldfish as they are surprisingly easy to spot but cost me time in weeding them out. Friends and family of persons connected with MartinPhotos may not enter.
Answers must give the manufacturer's name and the aircraft's basic type name or number (or for airships just the name or number it was known by). Mark numbers and sub-types are not necessary.
Incomplete entries will be rejected.
Winners will be chosen at random from all valid, correct entries received by the closing date.
Prize will be e-mailed to the address entered on each winner's entry form. If you put a false address or type it in inaccurately I can't send you a prize if you are chosen as a winner. Personal email addresses are best as business email often has firewall protection set so as to prohibit receiving the attached prize files. I am unable to send prizes to Web-TV users due to the technical limitations of such systems.
Winners' names will appear on this page for the duration of next month's competition.
Martin's decision is final in all matters arising from this competition.
Submission of an entry implies acceptance of the rules.

Last month's answers:

Picture 1: Saro Lerwick
Picture 2: Boeing 314 Clipper
Picture 3: Blohm & Voss Bv222 Wiking

Last month's prize winners:

Tom Winand (Belgium)
Anthony Murray (UK)
Sara Sunderland (UK)

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