Vintage Aircraft Photo Sets
and Scale Drawings

Information, terms and conditions:

Each set of photographs contains a selection of pictures of a specific subject, which may include colour and/or monochrome images. Photo sets contain between 5 and 46 images each.

Each scale drawing consists of a single image file, showing the subject aircraft in front, side and plan views with a selection of wing and fuselage cross-sections. Some drawings show five views, giving both sides and an underside view. Each drawing is scanned at 1/24 scale.

All our products may be purchased in three formats: Medium-resolution photo sets may be purchased for delivery as e-mail attachments, usually delivered within 24 hours, worldwide. High-resolution photo sets, which are too large to send as e-mail attachments, may be ordered at a small extra cost on IBM PC-compatible CD-R media, delivered through the mail, which may take several days, depending on your location. 6" x 4" prints are now available for some photo sets, more will be added as time permits. Air mail is used for all overseas postal deliveries.

In our latest photo sets, the images on CD will be in a larger high-resolution format than those sent by email. In time, some of our earlier photo sets may be re-scanned to provide the same increase in image quality. File size restrictions prevent us from sending the higher-quality images via email.

Images on CD-R may not be readable on Apple Mac computers, even when using PC-emulation software. I cannot supply Mac-format CD-Rs.
Scale drawings are supplied in high-resolution form by both methods, as the file sizes are much smaller.

Our catalogue provides a description of the contents of each set. Photo pages show three selected samples at a much reduced image size and quality. One photograph from each set may be downloaded as a full-size free sample, in both medium and high-resolution versions, by clicking where indicated. You may save each free sample by right-clicking on the photograph and selecting the "save image" option from the pop-up menu. Load the picture into you favourite imaging software to assess the quality, and if you have a suitable printer, print it out to see how it looks on paper. Please note that printed images look best on coated inkjet photograph paper, rather than plain paper. A printer capable of better than 500 dpi resolution is recommended, but not essential.

Our photo sets may be ordered on CD-R as volumes of ten sets per CD, with a saving of around 50% over the individual set purchase prices. See the CD Volumes catalogue page for further details.

Scale drawing pages show a side view portion of the scale drawing at reduced size and quality, along with a full-sheet view at vastly reduced quality.

Pictures are supplied electronically in JPEG format with e-mail delivered sets being stored in the form of compressed IBM PC-compatible zip files. CD-R media contain directly readable image files. Multiple products ordered together on CD-R will be placed on the same disk where possible, with each product in a separate folder.

Scale drawings are supplied as individual JPEG format image files.

There are a number of advantages in supplying photographs and drawings electronically:

You can get your photo sets or drawings free! Enter our Aircraft Recognition Competition or see our Special Offer to Photographers. Competition prizes will be delivered as medium-resolution e-mail files only. Photographers offering the use of their photo sets will be entitled to high-resolution CD-R images.

Hotmail and other web-based email users please note:

If you wish to order photosets via email, please be aware that the standard free hotmail account only permits you to receive and store up to 1Mb of data. Most of our products come in files larger than this and are undeliverable to hotmail addresses. Other free webmail companies may impose similar restrictions. See your supplier's terms & conditions to find out how much space you are allowed. This is my suggested workaround for those with insufficient storage space:

Before ordering, set up a new webmail account with a company which allows larger files. I have found Safe-Mail to be a good one as it gives you 3Mb of storage space and gathers no personal data when setting up, simply click to agree their terms, then specify a username and password. Click here to go to Safe-Mail. You may prefer an alternative webmail supplier which is fine. When ordering, add a note specifying the email address you wish me to deliver the datafile to. CD orders of course are not affected by this problem.

Using a business email account at your place of employment is not recommended as company firewall and anti-virus measures often prohibit the receipt of large file attachments. File sizes are clearly displayed in the catalogue, although this increases when attached to a mail message. Should this be a problem, we are willing where necessary to split photo sets into several sections to allow you to receive them safely. Unfortunately, we are unable to supply to Web-TV users, as they have no local disk storage or imaging software etc.

A suitable IBM-compatible PC with sufficient spare disk storage space, a CD-ROM drive where appropriate and imaging software capable of displaying JPEG format pictures will be required to view the pictures. Purchasers may print out unlimited hard copies for their personal use. Provision of the necessary hardware and licenced software is the responsibility of the purchaser.

All emails and data leaving us are checked for virus contamination. Nevertheless it is your responsibility to ensure that any electronic data you receive is certified virus-free. Do not install ANY software or data file on a computer until you have proved it to be virus-free by use of a top-quality virus checker using up-to-date virus detection techniques and data.


Important note: Please read this. The copyright for all the images shown on this site and offered for sale belongs to Martin Wilkinson and all images are licenced for the private use of the purchaser only. They are not to be distributed to third parties by any means and may not be copied in any way other than allowing the purchaser to take a backup copy or print out hard copies for his/her own personal use. Any commercial use of any of these images is subject to the prior agreement of the copyright holder, for which an additional fee would be payable. This includes posting images on other web sites. Permission to use our images on other web sites is unlikely to be granted other than in exceptional circumstances. These copyright restrictions apply to all MartinPhotos images, whether purchased for private use, downloaded as free samples, traded for your own photo sets, given as competition prizes or acquired in any other way. Appropriate action will be taken where copyright laws have been broken. If in doubt, or to receive a quote for commercial use, e-mail us first.


Photo sets and drawings may be ordered on-line and paid for using the Paypal secure credit card payment system. Use the shopping cart facility to select your required items, then select the checkout option to pay. Paypal transactions no longer require a buyer to sign up for membership, so a payment may be simply and securely completed even if you have not used Paypal before.

This option is available in all countries where Paypal operates. Please see Paypal's website for an up-to-date list.

Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!

Purchases are normally despatched the same day.

Note: All Paypal transactions are performed in British Pounds Sterling. If you are ordering from outside the U.K. your credit card company will automatically take care of any currency conversion which may be necessary. See your credit card company's terms and conditions for further information.

U.K. customers also have the option to order by post and pay by cheque or postal order. Payment of such orders must be by a cheque in British Pounds (Sterling), drawn on a British bank, or British Postal Order. We are unable to take cheques in other currencies, Sterling cheques from non-U.K. banks or International Money Orders.

Customers in the U.K. may also order on-line via Nochex, using a debit card, subject to acceptance by Nochex. To use this facility, click on the Nochex logo below. On the form, please enter the total cost for the items you wish to order and in the message space list each item, stating whether you want email or CD delivery. Please make sure you give a valid email address or postal address as appropriate in order to ensure prompt delivery. Nochex is not available outside the U.K. Registration as a Nochex member is not necessary in order to make a payment.

Prices are the same whichever payment method is chosen.

Products ordered on CD-R are despatched worldwide post-free.

If you have a problem with ordering, send us an e-mail and we will do our best to help you.


Due to the nature of the electronic supply of image data, where it is impossible for the supplier to confirm that all the data has been completely erased from a customer's electronic storage media and all printed copies destroyed, I am unable to offer refunds on photo sets which have been sold correctly to order.

Where an order can be shown to have been supplied incorrectly, I will send the corrected order upon notification of the error.

If you would like to receive occasional e-mail information about additions to the range, special offers etc. please click on the mailing list option on the MartinPhotos front page, fill in the form and submit it. You may cancel this at any time by sending me an e-mail, entering "Unsubscribe Mail List" in the subject line. We will never send you e-mail without your approval and never pass your personal details on to anybody else.

All transactions are subject to English law.

By placing an order, customers accept all the above terms and conditions.

MartinPhotos branded t-shirts, mugs, mouse mats etc. are products of Photobox. Any issues pertaining to these products should in the first instance be addresses directly to Photobox.

Books, videos and other products advertised via are only available by ordering from their own web site, to which we provide links. All such sales are contracted between Amazon and the individual customer and are subject to the trading terms and conditions of Amazon. Martin Wilkinson and MartinPhotos accept no responsibility for any such transactions.

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