martin and handasyde
Vintage Aircraft Scale Drawings

1912 Martin and Handasyde Monoplane
Drawn by Martin Wilkinson
Scale drawing showing front, port side and plan views with fuselage and wing cross-sections.

Catalogue Ref: MSYDE_1912_DWG

martin and handasyde 1912 monoplane scale drawing
The samples shown here are at much reduced scales and deliberately reduced quality.
martin and handasyde 1912 monoplane three view drawing


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General notes
Each MartinPhotos scale drawing is drawn and traced by hand after careful study of as much primary source material as is available. Contemporary photographs, skillfully analyzed with a scale modeller's eye are the preferred starting point for each drawing, as even an aircraft manufacturer's general arrangement drawings are often suspect, particularly where old aircraft are concerned.

Each scale drawing is scanned into the computer at 1/24th scale. By using your preferred imaging software a copy of the drawing may be enlarged or reduced to match virtually any desired scale and printed out on practically any modern printer.

An advantage for modellers using computer-based drawings is that image manipulation software may be used to overlay colour schemes, markings etc. and print out the result to use as a guide in completing a model.

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