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An expanding collection of vintage pictures of aeroplanes in service. My thanks are due to the many individuals who have allowed me to make use of photographs from their personal albums, without which this page would not exist.

If you have any pictures of old aircraft in service (not modern pictures of preserved examples) which you would like to share with the world, please send me an e-mail giving some information about them. The email form will not accept image files directly, but I will reply with details of an email address to which you may send an attached scanned image of each one in JPEG format (around 640x480 size or larger if possible). I can't promise to use them all, but will try to include as many as space permits. Apologies for complicating the email process but I don't list my email address directly on web pages any more as it encourages unsolicited mass emails from undesirable sources. Please don't offer any pictures where copyright is held by someone else.

I am also willing to do my best to identify any "mystery aeroplane" pictures you may have, and have been very successful so far. If you want to know what it is, please try me.

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Aeronca C3

Airspeed Oxford

Armstrong-Whitworth FK8

Armstrong-Whitworth Argosy

Arrow Sport

Auster AOP

Avro 504

Avro Avian

Avro Bison

Avro Anson

Avro Lancasters

Avro Shackletons

Beechcraft 17 Staggerwing

Blackburn Kangaroo

Blackburn Blackburn

Blackburn Dart

Blackburn Bluebird

Blackburn Iris

Blackburn Prototypes

Bleriot 127.2m.4

Boeing B1d

Boeing Model 80

Boeing XP15

Bristol M1c

Bristol F2b Fighters

Bristol Blenheim

Bristol Beaufighter

Bristol Brigand

Caudron G4

Culver Dart

Curtiss-Reid Rambler

De Havilland DH 4

De Havilland DH 9 and 9a

De Havilland 50

De Havilland 53 Humming Bird

De Havilland 60g Gipsy Moth

De Havilland 61 Giant Moth

De Havilland 66 Hercules

De Havilland Puss Moth

De Havilland 82a Tiger Moth

De Havilland 84 Dragon

DFW C-Type

Douglas Dakota

Fairey IIId and IIIf

Fairey Flycatcher

Fairey Fox

Fairey Long-Range Monoplane

Fairey Gordon

Fairey Swordfish

Gloster Gamecock

Farman Longhorn

Fokker F.VIIs

Ford trimotors

Grumman Wildcats

Handley-Page Hinaidi

Handley-Page HP42

Hansa-Brandenburg D1s

Hawker Hart Variants

Hawker Hurricanes

Junkers F13

Junkers G31

Schneider Trophy Racers

Miles Magister and Hawk

Naval Aircraft Factory N3N-3

Nieuport Triplane

Nieuport Nighthawk

Robinson 100hp Scout

Royal Aircraft Factory BE2c and 2e

Royal Aircraft Factory FE9

Royal Aircraft Factory RE8

Royal Aircraft Factory SE5a

Ryan Brougham

Short N2b

Short Calcutta

Short Sarafand

Simmonds Spartan

Sopwith Triplane

Sopwith Camel

Single-engine Stinsons

Stinson Trimotors

Supermarine Southampton

Supermarine Sea Otters

Supermarine Seafires

Supermarine Spitfires

Supermarine Walrus

Travel Air Biplanes

Vickers Vimy

Vickers Victoria and Valentia

Vickers Viking

Vickers Vildebeeste and Vincent

Westland Wapiti

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