Vintage Aircraft Photo Sets
and Scale Drawings

Special Offer to Photographers:

Do you have sets of pictures similar to those featured on this site?

I am willing to offer up to five sets of photographs and/or scale drawings of your choice from my catalogue in return for the rights to distribute a set of your pictures.

What I am looking for is a series of at least 10 photographs, preferably 20 or more, all showing one specific aeroplane in close-up detail, taken at the same time and location. Ideally the subject should be pre-1955, but more modern types will be considered. Pictures may be either monochrome or colour. Aircraft from outside the UK are of particular interest.

If you have pictures you wish to be considered, please send me an  e-mail containing the following information.

o   The aircraft type and serial/registration number

o   The number of pictures in the set

o   A general description including where and when they were taken

If possible, enclose as attachments small scans of at least five images, in JPEG format. This is the best way for me to be able to assess the quality and suitability of your pictures. These scans will be seen only by myself and will be deleted from my computer once they have been assessed. If you are unable to scan your pictures, a written description will be acceptable.

I will send a prompt reply and if your pictures are acceptable I will attach a release form for you to print out and fill in. On the form you will be required to sign a statement that you are the sole copyright holder of the images and that you assign to me the right to distribute scanned copies commercially. You may also specify on the form which photo sets and/or drawings you require as payment.

The form must be posted to me with your original negatives, slides or prints. These will be treated with great care and returned to you promptly once I have scanned them. It is essential that I use your originals so that I may compose the scans to my own specifications and quality control requirements.

Your name will be listed as the photographer on web pages showing your pictures.

Payment in the form of items from my catalogue will be e-mailed to you as soon as I am able to confirm your full set of original prints as acceptable. The number of photo sets you will qualify for is dependent on the quantity of usable pictures you send me as follows:

I reserve the right to return your original photographs unused and without payment if I find that the overall quality of the complete set does not compare well with the samples sent for assessment, or if the release form is not properly completed and signed or if I have any reason to suspect that copyright in the images may be held by a third party.

Should items from my current catalogue not be acceptable as payment, I am willing to issue credit vouchers redeemable against future releases.

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